Healthy eating means healthy minds

Food and Nutrition

Breakfast - For those children arriving at the centre between 6.30am-7.45am, you may bring in breakfast from home if your child has not already eaten. Breakfast is very important so please do not allow your child to miss it.

Lunch- We provide a complete lunch for children aged one year and above that are enrolled in our lunch program. Each meal includes a vegetable, fruit, milk, 100% apple juice or water. All meals are made without tree nuts and the ingredients are seasonal, local and organic whenever the option exists. Monthly menu's are displayed at the center. 

Snacks - We provide a morning and afternoon snack for your child once they reach the age of 1 year. Water is offered throughout the day.

Infants need to bring prepared bottles of milk or formula and baby food. These are kept refrigerated in our infant suite. Please label all bottles and food containers with your child's first and last name. We also welcome moms to come in and breastfeed during the day. 

Please be aware of the children's eating times, as we will not be able to serve children meals at times other than the scheduled mealtimes. If you are planning on bringing your child after the scheduled mealtime, please plan on feeding your child before you come to the Center. 


Allergies and Food Reactions

If your child has food allergies, a written Doctor's note is requested. If your child requires a special diet we may require you to provide your child's food each day.


Please see the Director for more information