Otter's Room (0 Months - 12 Months)

In our Otters Room we have a maximum ratio of 1:4. The room is lead by our Lead Teacher with a support assistant teacher.

Each teacher is responsible for a small group of children and form a special bond with these children and their families. The teachers in the room cater for each child's own individual needs on a daily basis, ensuring a consistent routine to match that of home. 

Before your child joins us we like to find out all about them. By understanding their character, home routines and needs, we are able to make the transition process as smoother for both you and them.

During your child's day there are plenty of activities provided to both entertain and support development, these include mark-making, painting and messy play. We also have a wide range of commercial baby toys and open-ended resources which are used to stimulate the children and develop cognitive skills. Throughout the day the children get a chance to spend time in our outdoor area where we explore the different sounds, sights and textures around us and play on the various playground toys that our scaled to meet their needs.

The room is large and open with space for eating, changing playing and sleeping . There is a homely feel to the room and the children contribute to the vibrant and exciting displays.